Experience the taste and quality of great beers from all around the world.

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The Legacy – We appreciate the history, heritage and traditions of our brands and their age-old stories
The Quality – We appreciate superior brewing, tastes and styles from all over the world
The Experiences – We appreciate every opportunity to work with our customers to create awesome consumer experiences

At Global Beer Merchant (GBM), we believe that beer lovers, across South Africa should be able to experience the taste and quality of great beers from all around the world. Whilst we love South African beers too, we sometimes ask – Why limit yourself? Explore, experience and enjoy, in the comfort of your own home or favourite neighbourhood spot the best of brewing. It is our vision to bring to beer lovers in South Africa, brands rich in history, quality and variety.  We continue our search for great beer, our promise to beer lovers across South Africa. We go the miles to bring it home.

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